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Senior Specialist

Md. Yusuf Mamun Division : Flood Management Division
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Land Phone : 9842105-6, Ext. 250
Mobile Phone : +8801750037526; +8801552369786
Academic Chronology

Md. Yousuf Mamun is a Master of Water Resources Engineering postgraduate in 2008 and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering graduate in 1995.

Professional Track Record

Mr. Mamun has been working for the last 16 years in the field of Water Resources Engineering. Professionally, he is a hydrologist modeller under flood management discipline of Institute of Water Modelling (IWM) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At present he is now assigned for developing a hydraulic model for the study of Flood Risk Management Project of the Cagayan de Oro River Basin at Mindanao Island in the Philippines. His experiences cover 24 nos of projects which include the field of flood control, irrigation and drainage management; groundwater management with the aid of hydrodynamic and hydrological modelling. He has been involved in some important international as well as many national water resources projects in Bangladesh. He is a member of Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB).


Mr. Mamun has participated in several training programs as trainee in the country. He has been extensively trained on Mathematical Modelling, Geographical Information System (GIS) and Water Resources Data Collection using modern technique at home. He participated in a number of trainings as trainer, seminars and workshops. He has some international publications on his credit and a book titled ‘Offtake Morphology and Conveyance Characteristics of a River’ published by Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany.

Major Project Assignment
  • Flood Risk Management Project of the Cagayan de Oro River Basin at Mindanao Island in the Philippines
  • Preparatory Planning Study for Disaster Management in connection with Meghna River Basin
  • Kalni-Kushiyara River Management Project
  • Union-wise Flood Mapping for Flood-Prone Areas
  • Surma-Baulai River management project
  • Groundwater Management and Feasibility Study for 148 Pourashava having no piped water supply.
  • Modelling Study and Statistical Analysis to support Laksham-Chittagong Railway Project
  • Mathematical Modelling for Ganges Barrage Project
  • Economics of adaptation to Climate Change-Bangladesh case Study
  • Procurement of Specialist Services for Updating Calibration and Validation of Flood Forecasting Model
  • Indian River linking Project
  • Dhaka-Chittagong Expressway Project
  • Nagarpur-Chowhali Flood Control Project
  • Secondary Town Integrated Flood Protection Project-II
  • Irrigation Tubewell Spacing Study for Bangladesh
  • Resource Assessment and Monitoring of Water Supply Sources for Dhaka City
  • North Bangladesh Deep Tubewell Project
  • Chandpur-Comilla Integrated FCDI Project
  • Flood Management of Gumti River
  • Groundwater Model study for Barind area
  • Second Coastal Embankment Rehabilitation Project
  • Teesta Command Area Development Project Phase I


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