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The policy of IWM is to conduct applied research in collaboration with academic institutes and agencies likely to contribute and benefit from the research findings. Some of the completed research supporting the national planning are: Landuse Change upon Storm Water Drainage in Eastern Dhaka, Causes and Remedies of Southwest Flood 2000, Decision Support System for Irrigation Management, Bangladesh Flood Hydrology Viewer— an Internet based GIS Application. Prediction of erosion around Hatia & Sandwip with University of Tohuku, Japan, Improvement of Cyclone induced Coastal Flood Forecasting Tools with DHI Water and Environment, Study of developing a perennial Water body at Ashulia with Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, Long Term impact of the Brahmaputtra, Right Bank Protection project on the Jamuna Morphology, Likely Impact of River Linking Project, Climate Forecasting Application in Bangladesh with Georgia Institute of Technology.


Major COMPLETED R&D Projects Below:

    Completed R&D Projects:
    1.    Arsenic management modelling A pilot study in Narayanganj-Narshinghdi Area
    2.    Assessment of water quality of the Lakhya river with the special reference to the intake point  of Saidabad surface water treatment  plant
    3.    Development of a decision support system (DSS) for irrigation management for the U2 system of the Meghna Dhonagoda Irrigation project
    4.    Impact of Landuse Change upon Storm Water Drainage and Wetlands in the Eastern Part of Dhaka City
    5.    Determination of hydrogeological parameters for SW and SE regions of Bangladesh, phase-I
    6.    Development of Analytical Tools for processing ADCP data
    7.    Literature review for resource assessment and monitoring of water supply sources for Dhaka city
    8.    Manual on Hydrologic and hydraulic design of roads and bridges
    9.    Morphological assessment of rivers of Bangladesh
    10.    Opportunities of water saving and cost reduction in irrigated Boro rice at farmers level
    11.    Study of the water ecosystem of the Sundarbans
    12.    Use of ECMWF data for flash flood forecasting in the Northeast region of Bangladesh
    13.    Validation of decision support system (DSS) to support the annual command area development (CAD) maintenance for Meghna Dhonagoda irrigation project (MDIP)
    14.    Joint Action Research [JAR] on Salt Water Intrusion in Groundwater in the Coastal Area
    15.    Collaborative Research on Flood Resilience in Urban Area [CORFU]”
    16.    Assessment of Aquifer Vulnerability in Selected Upazilas of Khulna Region
    17.    Assessment of Variability of Seepage & Percolation Loss in Irrigated Rice Field
    18.    Determination of Hydrogeological Parameter for SW and SE Regions of Bangladesh. Phase-II
    19.    Study on Effect of Oblique Flow & Char Movement in Rivers & Bank Protection Works

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