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Software Management and IT Solutions (SMIT)

With growing demand of having integration of 3S technology and integration of softwares of different platform into on DSS, IT solutions using state-of-the-art technology for collection, processing, storage, management, display and communication of environmental and hydrological data becomes an important discipline of expertise. The IT solutions may be part of a complete system involving other services from IWM such as models, or it may extend the clients’ existing technology. For example, making the data of a database accessible on WWW. Services would include the following:

  • Developing and interfacing databases with environmental and hydrological data.
  • Using Internet technology for data acquisition and access.
  • Interfacing geographic information systems (GIS) with advanced simulation models.
  • Using data mining for decision support.
  • Procurement and management of all the modelling and GIS and other commercial software available around the world and its beta testing.
  • Integration of different software if necessary by developing new object oriented modules as a single package solution in a holistic approach.


Computer System Management (CSM)

IWM maintains a mixed network of mainframe and desktop PC’s with different operating system; it also provides advice to its client on procurement of suitable computers and accessories and software and network environment. The professional in this discipline also is responsible for backing up and archiving of disk information and virus free operation of its computer system.

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