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Principal Specialist & Director

S. M. MAHBUBUR RAHMAN Division : Water Resources Planning Division
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Land Phone : 9842105-6, Ext. 125
Mobile Phone : 01819238547
Academic Chronology

Mr. Rahman graduated in Civil Engineering from BIT, Chittagong in 1985 and obtained M. Sc. Degree in Hydroinformatics with distinction from IHE, Delft, the Netherlands in 1999.

Professional Track Record

Mr. Rahman began his career as a planning engineer with the Engineering and Planning Consultants Ltd. in 1986. He was involved in the feasibility study of different flood control, drainage and irrigation projects between 1986 to 1990. In 1990, he joined SWMC as a consultant. Thereafter, Mr. Rahman was engaged in the application of advanced mathematical modelling techniques in the field of planning and design of water resources development and management projects and flood forecasting.


Mr. Rahman received specialized training in flood modelling, two-dimensional and sediment transport modelling at the Danish Hydraulic Institute, Denmark. His research interests include physically-based modelling (uncertainty and numerical aspects), sub-symbolic modelling techniques and data mining. He has carried out research in the analysis and prediction of chaotic timeseries.

Major Project Assignment
  • Sr. Hydraulic Modeller Options for the Ganges Dependent Area
  • Sr. Modelling Specialist Nalka Bonpara Hatikamrul Road Project
  • Flood Forecasting Model Specialist Extension of Modelling Support to FAP-10
  • Team Leader / Project Leader Optimisation of Kaptai Dam Release
  • Urban Drainage Modelling Specialist, “Study on Drainage master Plan for Dhaka City”.
  • Sr. Mathematical Modeller, “Dhaka Water Supply Project”.
  • Team Leader, “Industrial Environmental Compliance and Pollution Control in Greater Dhaka Phase-1”.
  • Project Supervisor, “Resource Assessment and Monitoring of Water Supply Sources for Dhaka City”
  • Team Leader, “Development of GIS Based MIS for DWASA, Network Analysis and System Metering Including Zone Demarcation”
  • Sr. Hydraulic Modeller/Principal Specialist Mathematical Modelling & Topographic Survey for Integrated Water Resources Management of Chalan Beel Area Including Beel Halti Development Project
  • Sr. Water Quality Modeller Impact Assessment of the Proposed Indian River Linking Project for Inter Basin Water Transfer
  • Team Leader “Feasibility Study and detail design of Singair Well Field.”


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