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Demand of IWM services and products has grown towards more integration of the numerical modelling tools and state-of-the-art data campaigns in holistic approach for providing solutions more towards decision support system (DSS) for the planners, designers and water ecosystem scientists.  With increased demand from the users for integrated solutions, the water modelling software developers are also fast upgrading their software products with integration of modelling software of related processes and with addition of Hydroinformatics modules of DSS as shown in the following figure: 


 The services of IWM include:

Decision support services in a holistic approach with the application of water modelling, computational hydraulics and allied sciences in enhancing the quality of planning and implementation activities in the following fields:

a)  Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)
b)  Wetland and lakes management (WeLkM)
c)  Irrigation Management (IrriM)
d)  Ground Water Management (GWM)
e)  Urban Water Management (UWM)
f)  Water Quality & Ecology (WQ&Ec)
g) Fluvial Hydraulics and River Morphology (FHRM)
h) River Engineering (RiEngg)
i)  Flood Management (FldM)
j)  Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
k) Coastal Hydraulics and Morphology (CHMor)
l)  Port and Coastal Structure Management (PCSM)
m) Estuary and Marine System Management (EMSM)
n) Offshore Structure and Pipelines (OfS&Pl)
o) Water Quality Investigation (WQI)
p) Software Management and IT Solutions (SMIT)
q) Topographic, hydrographic, sediment transport, water quality and hydrological, meteorological field measurements, necessary laboratory analysis and data management and mapping;
r)  Any other field or area which may be conveniently and beneficially done through the facilities of IWM.  

The services are rendered on a cost recovery basis by charging fees to national and foreign private and public agencies, organisations and individuals. In many cases, the services are produced in collaboration with other service institutions, universities, institutes, external consultants, or private consulting companies from Bangladesh or abroad.

Integrated WaterResources Management(IWRM)        

IWM has achieved a leading position within the field of integrated management of land and water resources, and provides comprehensive expertise together with a range of decision support tools to understand and simulate a variety of hydrological aspects ranging from broad-scale river basin issues to detailed hydrological and hydrodynamic investigations.  Projects often require integration of various aspects, such as conjunctive use of ground water and surface water, water quantity and quality, water uses, industrial water management and integration of the natural systems into human (political and institutional) systems. In the recent years IWM has contributed to development of scenarios, visions and actions within the so-called Vision and Framework for Action process through participation in Global Water Partnership and regional collaborations. This approach consists of a comprehensive set of analysis steps, supported by mathematical tools for the analysis of natural resource systems in a socio-economic context. Using this approach IWM supports water, river and floodplain managers worldwide in structuring complex decision-making processes and provide technical know-how for effective evaluation of planning alternatives. Information management systems, decision support systems and simulation models are important tools in this respect. Services would include:

·         Water resources assessment and management

·         Master planning and policy development

·         Water supply and demand assessment

·         River Basin management

·         Environmental impact analysis


Flood Management (FldM)       

IWM since inception is active in water resources assessment, watershed management and climate change studies. Optimal design of flood protection works is supported by flood risk analyses using advanced tools like the state-of-the-art inundation modelling system. IWM has aquired worldwide experience in the implementation of advanced flood early warning systems for major river systems. Water management organisations are supported by IWM while developing and enhancing their monitoring and information systems. The services would include:

·         Hydrological assessments

·         Monitoring networks and information systems

·         Flood risk and damage assessment

·         Flood Mapping

·         Real-time flood forecasting and operational water management systems

·         Land use and climate change studies

·         Flood mitigation planning and designs and operations

Wetland and lakes management (WeLkM)

Detailed studies of wetland and lakes require a unique integrated hydrological approach.  Feasibility studies of alternative protection measures require analysis based on multiple criteria.  IWM would offer broad and integrated service as well as models to be used for optimisation of wetland management taking into account water balance, retention of pollutant and biodiversity/nature conservation by applying fully distributed analytical tools; outputs would include:

  • Optimised operation rules
  • Interaction between groundwater and the surface water bodies (i.e. drawdowns caused by groundwater withdrawals), 
  • Land erosion due to water logging and waves mitigated,
  • Effects of land use changes on runoff patterns (e.g. deforestation)
  • Soil – water processes analysed.
  • By mapping flood extent and performing a statistical evaluation of flood duration, flood frequency, flood depth, groundwater table, and root zone water content the environmental and ecological impacts are assessed.

Irrigation Management (IrriM)       

Irrigation management requires advanced approaches in estimation of demand of irrigation water and analysis of water allocation strategies at field scale, for entire irrigation schemes or in a basin wide perspective. IWM would develop information and decision support system for improved operation of irrigation system and command area development. In addition to the water questions, problems related to water quality or salinity may also need to be investigated. Services would include:

·         An analysis of the overall effect of irrigation schemes on the water balance

·         Optimization of irrigation schemes, reduction of conveyance and seepage losses

·         Canal and structure analysis

·         Analysis and optimization of structure operations

·         Water shortage and irrigation management

·         Irrigation, drainage and water logging

·         Salinity

·         Pesticides and nutrients in drainwater and groundwater recharge

·         Effects of irrigation management on crop yields

Ground Water Management (GWM)

Use of groundwater resources requires to strike a balance between water supply demands and the needs of the environment. The problems faced in the groundwater management are often linked to the surface water regime. In such cases IWM has to adopt a holistic approach of examining also the groundwater interaction with the surroundings. Hereby change of landuse, climate and environmental constraints would be evaluated; effects on minimum discharges in rivers and tributaries due to groundwater withdrawal would be examined. DSS that should be developed encompassing the following areas:

·         Groundwater exploitation/resources

·         Groundwater vulnerability mapping and protection

·         Ground water management

·         Groundwater quality

·         Salt Intrusion

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