The MC Members

SL Name Designation & Contacts Picture
1 Mr. Abu Saleh Khan

Executive Director

2 Mr. S M Mahbubur Rahman

Deputy Executive Director (P & D)

3 Mr. Zahirul Haque Khan

Deputy Executive Director (Operation)

4 Mr. Goutam Chandra Mridha

Director (in-charge), Irrigation Management Division

5 Mrs. Sarwat Jahan

Director, River Engineering Division

6 Mr. Md. Amirul Islam

Director, Survey and Data Division

7 Mr. Tarun Kanti Magumdar

Director (in-charge), Flood Management Division

8 Mr. Rubayat Alam

Director, Coast, Port & Estuary Division

9 Dr. Mollah Md. Awlad Hossain

Director, ICT-GIS Division

10 Mr. Md. Sohel Masud

Director, Water Resources Planning Division